Join us on this tour through this wonderful country of ancient history, unique Mongolian nomadic culture, and rare wildlife species, untouched beautiful landscape, Gobi
The Central Mongolian trip will offer you both cultural and adventure tours. Highlights of this trip will be Mongolia’s oldest Monastery Erdene Zuu, beautiful
The grandeur of nature in the area of Khuvsgul Lake has been likened to that of Switzerland so often by foreign tourists that it earned
It’s an unforgettable journey to Chinggis Khaan’s native land. It stands to the east of the country, in Khentii province famous for the rich historical
This trip covers the Western Part of Mongolia and is especially suitable to those want to face new challenges and different experiences! There are about
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Short tours

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We are recommending for you wide choice of short tours for your short stopover or short stay in Mongolia.

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Special interest tours


 whatever your special interest we will make itinerary for you. We cater for any type of special interest group  people.

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Car adventure


Our 4WD tours are for you to experience of Mongolian culture, adventure and wilderness during your traveling around Mongolia.

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We recommend you the opportunity to enjoy Mongolian all events such as Naadam, Traditional new year, Ice festival....


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Horse and Camel trekking


We are offering for you horse and camel trekking adventure from a day tour to by weeks. Contact to us.


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Join a tour group



Looking for travel buddies? Meet travel companions and sharing the tour price with new buddies who are


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